Oklahoma Fellowship of Cowboy Churches

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Beaver Creek Cowboy Church - Duncan, Ok.
 Duncan, OK
 Phone: (580) 512-1257
 Contact: Gary Thurman
Bended Knee Cowboy Church - Haskell, Ok.
 17623 W. 53rd St. South
 Boynton, Ok. 74422
 Phone: (918) 482-3645
 Contact: Tommy Tucker
Bended Knee Cowboy Church
Bended Knee Cowboy Church has a new location!
17623 W. 53rd St.South, Boynton, Ok. 74422
They are building their church and arena in this place God has blessed them with and everyone is invited to join them for services at 10:30am every Sunday!

Bended Knee Cowboy Church
"Mending hearts through God's love
no fencing pliers or staples needed"
Additional Information:  Tommy Tucker is the pastor of Bended Knee Cowboy Church and his wife is Luana.

Boys Ranch Cowboy Church - Edmond, Ok.
 Edmond, OK
Additional Information:  This church is currently in hiatus until new preacher can be located.

Information above may have changed over time. Please contact the listed contact person to get the most accurate information. Thank you.