Oklahoma Fellowship of Cowboy Churches

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Beaver Creek Cowboy Church - Duncan, Ok.
 Duncan, OK
 Phone: (580) 512-1257
 Contact: Gary Thurman
Bended Knee Cowboy Church - Haskell, Ok.
 17623 W. 53rd St. South
 Boynton, Ok. 74422
 Phone: (918) 482-3645
 Contact: Tommy Tucker
Bended Knee Cowboy Church
Bended Knee Cowboy Church has a new location!
17623 W. 53rd St.South, Boynton, Ok. 74422
They are building their church and arena in this place God has blessed them with and everyone is invited to join them for services at 10:30am every Sunday!

Bended Knee Cowboy Church
"Mending hearts through God's love
no fencing pliers or staples needed"
Additional Information:  Tommy Tucker is the pastor of Bended Knee Cowboy Church and his wife is Luana.

Boys Ranch Cowboy Church - Edmond, Ok.
 Edmond, OK
Additional Information:  This church is currently in hiatus until new preacher can be located.
Cache Creek Cowboy Church - Lawton, Ok.
 Shining Spur Stables-6902 SE Bishop Rd.
 P.O. Box 3125
 Lawton, OK 73502
 Website: http://www.cachecreekcc.com
Cache Creek Cowboy Church
Staff Information:  
Pastor - Lance Smith
Music Team Leaders - Bill Walters
Sec/Treas. - Suzanne Sims

Sunday worship gatherin' @ 10am
Wednesday gatherin' @ 7:30pm
Cache Creek Cowboy Church meets at Shining Spur Stables. Our building is a work in progress! Come join us as we grow! We are just east of Lawton on Hwy 7, turn south onto SE 60th at KSWO TV station and go 1 mile south, then 3/4 mile east on Bishop. Look for our wagon on the north side of the road.
Canadian Valley Cowboy Church-Wewoka, Ok.
 Wewoka Trading Post
 Wewoka, Ok. 74884
 Phone: 405-837-7838
 Contact: Greg Walker
 E-mail: walkertribe@sbcglobal.com
Programs/Ministries:  Canadian Valley Cowboy Church is meeting at the Wewoka Trading Post every Thursday @ 6:30pm.
Additional Information:  Greg Walker is the pastor of Canadian Valley Cowboy Church.
Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church of So. Ok. - Duncan, Ok.
 P.O. Box 801
 Duncan, OK 73543
 Phone: (580) 656-4373
 Contact: Lonnie Foster
 Website: http://www.cowboychurchduncanok.com
Choctaw Cowboy Church - Boswell, Ok.
 Phone: (903) 640-3377
 Contact: Raymond Bell
Additional Information:  Raymond Bell Jr. is the pastor of Choctaw Cowboy Church and his wife is Stacy.
Cowboy Church at Antioch - Antioch, Ok.
 Antioch, OK
 Phone: (405) 867-1515
 Contact: George Reynolds
Cowboy Crossing Church - Hugo, Ok.
 P.O. Box 956
 Hugo, Ok. 74743
 Phone: (580) 317-3907
 Contact: Mike Merritt
 Website: http://www.cowboycrossinghugo.com
Programs/Ministries:  Located on Hwy 93 just north of Fish Tales Restaurant - follow the signs. Service at 10:30 Sunday Mornings coffee & donuts at 10:00
Additional Information:  Mike Merritt is the pastor of Cowboy Crossing Church and his wife is Doris.
Cowboy Up Cowboy Church - Owasso, Ok.
 Owasso, OK
 Phone: (918) 857-2429
 Contact: Scott McAfee
Cowboy Up Cowboy Church
Additional Information:  Scott McAfee is the pastor of Cowboy Up Cowboy Church and his wife is Shelly.
Cross Brand Cowboy Church - Stillwater, Ok.
 P.O. Box 2176
 Stillwater, OK 74076
 Phone: 903 575-8739
 Contact: Clint Sinclair
 E-mail: cs.cbcc27@gmail.com
Cross Brand Cowboy Church - Stillwater
Programs/Ministries:  Cross Brand Cowboy Church meets every Sunday at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 7pm for Bible Study at the Payne County Expo Center sale barn. Everyone's welcome!
Additional Information:  Clint Sinclair is the pastor of Cross Brand Cowboy Church and his wife is April. Clint can also be heard every Sunday morning at 10;30 on Stillwater radio 780 AM KSPI
Cross Brand Cowboy Church - Waurika, Ok.
 Waurika, OK
 Phone: (580) 795-6636
 Contact: Bob Waitman
Additional Information:  Bob Waitman is pastor of Cross Brand Cowboy Church and his wife is Donna.
Cross Creek Cowboy Church - Marlow, Ok.
 Marlow, Ok.
 Phone: (580) 251-0629
 Contact: Butch Swanson
Additional Information:  Butch Swanson is the pastor of Cross Creek Cowboy Church and his wife is Cheryl.
Cross-n-Spurs Cowboy Church - Madill, Ok.
 Madill, OK
 Phone: (580) 795-4451
 Contact: Greg Jones
 E-mail: crossnspurs.cowboychurch@yahoo.com
Staff Information:  Pastor - Greg Jones
Programs/Ministries:  Cross-n-Spurs Cowboy Church meets every Sunday for service starting between 10:30-10:45.
Additional Information:  Greg Jones is the pastor of Cross-n-Spurs Cowboy Church and his wife is Michelle.

Cowboy Church rounding up souls for the Lord
Crossties Cowboy Church - Kansas, Ok.
 Kansas, OK
 Contact: Joseph Wilkerson
Additional Information:  Joe Wilkerson is the pastor at Crossties Cowboy Church and his wife is Cynthia.
Cross Trails Cowboy Church - Sterling, OK
 P.O. Box 255
 Sterling, Ok 73567
 Phone: (580) 678-9464
 Contact: Ron Snyder
 E-mail: injusnyder@juno.com
Crosswired Cowboy Church - Grove, Ok.
 3659 Hwy 59 N.
 P.O. Box 452029
 Grove, OK 74344
 Phone: 405-584-0671
 Contact: Kevin Duck
Programs/Ministries:  Crosswired Cowboy Church meets on Sunday mornings at 9am for Sunday school and worship at 10am. Wednesday evenings Bible study begins at 6:30pm.
Additional Information:  Kevin Duck is the pastor of Crosswired Cowboy Church.
Geary Cowboy Church - Geary, Ok.
 Geary, OK
 Phone: (580) 623-3093
 Contact: Charlie Sappington
God's Country Cowboy Church
 P.O. Box 877
 LeFlore, Ok 74571
 Contact: TJ Martin
Additional Information:  TJ Martin is the pastor of God's Country Cowboy Church and his wife is Amanda.
Goodwell Cowboy Church - Goodwell, Ok.
 Goodwell, OK
 Phone: (580) 338-8112
 Contact: Doug King
Grace Country Cowboy Church - Wilburton, Ok.
 1715 S. Pleasant Hill Rd.
 Wilburton, OK 74578
 Phone: (918) 465-7394
 Contact: Clint Cannon
Additional Information:  Clint Cannon is the pastor of Grace Country Cowboy Church and his wife is Jennifer.
Kiamichi Country Cowboy Church - McAlester, Ok.
 1000 Gloryland Rd
 McAlester, OK 74501
 Phone: 918-424-3247
 Contact: Mitch Arteberry
Programs/Ministries:  Kiamichi Country Cowboy Church meets every Sunday at 10:30 and every Wednesday at 6:45. They are now meeting in a new building on the new land and working on an arena! Call for directions and check back for updates!
Additional Information:  Mitch Arteberry is the pastor of Kiamichi Country Cowboy Church and his wife is Peggy.
Open Range Cowboy Church
 P.O. Box 482
 Madill, Ok 73446
 Phone: (580) 677-5069
 Contact: Kendall Whitehead
Programs/Ministries:  Open Range Cowboy Church meets every Sunday
at 612 South 2nd in Madill
Church is at 11:00am with a meal immediately following services.
Wednesday evening Bible Study gathers at 6:00 pm for sandwiches
and Bible Study starts at 7:00
Come as you are...everyone's welcome!
Upcoming events will be posted under Member Church Events
Additional Information:  Kendall Whitehead is the pastor of Open Range Cowboy Church and his wife is Sherry.
Ranger Cowboy Church - Alva, Ok.
 Alva, OK
 Phone: (580) 748-0200
 Contact: Larry Justice
Rawhide Cowboy Church of Carter Co. - Ardmore, Ok.
 1405 Gene Autry Rd
 Ardmore, Ok. 73401
 Phone: (580) 319-6757
 Contact: Tim Jones
Additional Information:  Tim Jones is the pastor of Rawhide Cowboy Church and his wife is DeAnn.
Reachin' Heaven Cowboy Church - Newkirk, Ok
 400 W. South St.
 Newkirk, Ok. 74647
 Phone: 580-382-1799
 Contact: James Bogle
Programs/Ministries:  Reachin' Heaven Cowboy Church is currently meeting on Thursday evenings at 7:00 at the Newkirk Event Center.
Additional Information:  James Bogle is the pastor of Reachin' Heaven Cowboy Church and his wife is Tammy.
Red River Valley Cowboy Church - Albany, Ok.
 19531 State Road 70E
 P.O. Box 66
 Albany, Ok. 74721
 Phone: (580) 847-2210
 Fax: (580) 847-2210
 Contact: George Toma
 E-mail: rrvcowboychurch@yahoo.com
Red River Valley Cowboy Church
Staff Information:  Pastor - George Toma
Programs/Ministries:  Red River Valley Cowboy Church meets every Sunday at 10am for fellowship, service starts at 10:45 and we have lunch every Sunday after the service. Wednesday night is Bible Study at 7:30 followed by a light supper and Hot Heels practice.
Additional Information:  George Toma is the pastor of Red River Valley Cowboy Church and his wife is Diane.
Ridin' 4 Him Cowboy Baptist Church - Jet, Ok.
 Jet, OK
River Bend Cowboy Church - Indianola, Ok
 Phone: (918) 424-4618
 Contact: John Shirley
 E-mail: boothillranch78@yahoo.com
Staff Information:  Elder: David Dunlap (918)424-4618
Programs/Ministries:  River Bend Cowboy Church meets at the Indianola Rodeo Arena for dinner at noon and church at 1:00 every Sunday. Everyone's welcome!
Additional Information:  John Shirley is the pastor of River Bend Cowboy Church and his wife is Ronda.
Rockin' M Cowboy Church
 750 N. Main St. Hwy 177 Building 780
 Perkins, Ok.
 Phone: 405-332-3519
 Contact: Jim Garling
Rockin' M Cowboy Church
Staff Information:  Bob Copeland is the pastor of Rockin' M Cowboy Church and Jim Garling is leading the worship.
Programs/Ministries:  Rockin' M Cowboy Church meets every Sunday for fellowship at 10am, Bible Study at 10:15 and the Worship Gathering at 11am.
Additional Information:  Bob Copeland is the pastor of Rockin' M Cowboy Church and his wife is Mary Ellen.
The Territory Cowboy Church
 100 E. 11th St.
 on Hwy 9 on South end of town
 Hobart, OK 73651
 Phone: (580) 547-9797
 Contact: Shane Funkhouser
 E-mail: hbtwrangler@gmail.com
Additional Information:  Shane Funkhouser is the pastor of The Territory Cowboy Church in Hobart and his wife is Lori.
1000 Hills Ranch Church-Woodward, Ok.
 53945 S. County Rd #221
 Mutual, OK 73853
 Phone: 580-216-6427
 Contact: Beau Hague
 E-mail: thousandhillsranchchurch@yahoo.com
 Website: http://www.1000hillsranchchurch.com
1000 Hills Ranch Church
Additional Information:  Beau Hague is the pastor of 1000 Hills Ranch Church and his wife is Heather.
Three Rivers Cowboy Church - Muskogee, Ok.
 4230 s. Country Club Rd.
 NE Corner of Country Club Rd & Smith Ferry Rd.
 Muskogee, OK
 Phone: (918) 441-6555
 Contact: Robert Beene
Additional Information:  Robert Beene is the interim pastor of Three Rivers Cowboy Church and his wife is Vicki.
Waterin' Hole Cowboy Church - Idabel, Ok.
 Garvin, OK
 Phone: (580) 746-2525
 Contact: Matt Phillips
Watonga Cowboy Church - Watonga, Ok.
 Watonga, OK
 Phone: (405) 203-9785
 Contact: Jim Nance

Information above may have changed over time. Please contact the listed contact person to get the most accurate information. Thank you.